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Required Assignments

This course fulfills the Humanities 200-level General Education requirement at the American University of Rome, which requires a minimum of 4000 words of writing. In addition to the assignments below, students are expected to participate regularly in in-class an/or online discussion.


Reading Journals

Weekly on Thursdays

Choose a meaningful quotation from one of the assigned readings and respond to a series of questions relating the reading to the contexts of the course. 250-500 words per week.


Short Essays

Weekly on Sundays

Respond to one of several prompts focusing on the primary texts of the week. Students may focus on the ancient primary texts or their sequential art adaptation. 500-750 words per week.


Final Project

July 31, 2020

A final essay or creative project of the student's choosing (in consultation with the instructor). Students will briefly present their projects to the class on the last day of the course. 1500-2000 words.

Assignments: Tests & Assignments
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